The idea of the printhesis initially started as an academic project to fit the need of one particular girl. After losing her left arm due to bone cancer Lianne gradually wanted to pick up her favorite hobby again. She loves to make jewelry, but her first big and heavy prosthesis didn't make it easy. The fact that she didn't wear the prosthetic in public made the shape of an arm a bit unnecessary.  The custom made fiberglass and titanium arm was quickly replaced by a doctors plier because it was lighter, faster and more comfortable. I decided to create a new kind of prosthesis that had the light and fast character of the pliers and the ergonomics and modularity of her current prosthesis. Making it a 3D-printable and length adjustable model made us realize this could be a cheap solution for a lot more amputee hobbyists. So the Printhesis was born and with a little help from Shapeways it became easy to order and customize it for anyones needs.